Rebate Terms & Conditions


Rebate offer(s) may be changed or discontinued at any time by Canby Utility (CU). CU disclaims any warranty, whether expressed or implied, regarding the measure(s) listed on this application for any materials or labor associated with installation, maintenance, repair, or any energy savings associated with use.

I understand that the measure(s) must be installed to CU specifications, and certify that I, or my contractor, have reviewed the specifications prior to beginning work. When selecting a contractor, I understand that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to request proof of insurance and licensing that meets the statutes and rules of the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. CU strongly recommends validating qualifications before work begins.

I understand the above and certify that I am a customer of CU, that the measure(s) are installed at the residential address indicated on this application, and that this address is within CU service territory.