Custom Projects


Commercial Custom Projects are available for building retrofit, expansion and new construction. This program helps you acquire and install the most energy-efficient equipment available. Potential projects are identified and developed with the help of the business owner or building maintenance staff, KEC, approved local contractors and BPA’s project engineers.

Custom Projects allow commercial members the opportunity to develop an energy conservation plan and incentive tailored to their needs, targeting their greatest opportunity for cost-effective energy savings.

Incentives range from $0.025/kWh to $0.35/kWh based on the measure life of the measure and the post-project measured energy savings. Incentives are capped at 70% of the incremental project cost.

In addition to the KEC incentive, projects may qualify for federal, state and/or local tax credits.

For more information regarding rebates or energy efficiency please contact (888) 883-9879 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) or