Lodi Home Electric Vehicle & Level 2 Charger Rebates 

The following rebates are available to Lodi Electric Utility residential customers, subject to availability of funds. Offers may be changed or discontinued at any time. See application form below. Complete information and documentation is required to process rebate(s).

Other incentives for energy efficiency upgrades are available.


Applications must be submitted within six months of purchase date.

Rebates will not exceed 100% of cost.

Rebate: $1,000

Offered on purchase of new or used Zero Emission Electric Vehicle.

Income-Qualified Rebate: $3,500


  • All-electric vehicle, fully powered by rechargeable batteries
  • No gasoline or internal combustion engine; does not release tailpipe air pollution
  • Registered with DMV in utility account holder’s name, at residential address listed on Lodi account
  • Intended for personal use; company EVs and EV resales are not eligible
  • Limit one rebate per vehicle
  • Limit one rebate per Lodi customer, every five years

Not Eligible

  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) do not qualify
  • Gas-electric hybrid models do not qualify

Documents You Need to Apply

  • Invoice, order confirmation, contract/agreement, or receipt from seller
  • DMV Bill of Sale (the DMV form submitted with vehicle registration application, or an acceptable bill of sale)
  • Final vehicle registration from DMV

Rebate: $500

Offered for purchase of a qualified new Level 2 charging station for use at customer’s home.

Income-Qualified Rebate: $750


  • 240-volt Level 2 Charger certified with UL or ETL listing
  • Must be wall or pedestal-mounted in the home, and not portable
  • Limit one rebate per charger
  • A charger with multiple ports (or plugs) is considered one unit, eligible for a single rebate
  • Charger cannot be used, resold, rebuilt, or received from warranty insurance claims

Rebate: $500

Offered on licensed electrician’s permitted installation of a qualifying Level 2 charging station for use at customer’s home.

Income-Qualified Rebate: $750


  • Installation must be performed by an electrician with a valid California C-10 license
  • May include a new 240-volt outlet, a new 240-volt circuit, and/or a new or upgraded panel
  • Project must receive an approved Building Permit from City of Lodi



See CARE Program for income guidelines and application. Eligibility for an income-qualified rebate requires approval in CARE within the past 12 months from rebate application date.


Allow 12 to 16 weeks for rebate to be delivered, from the date of submitting a qualified application.

Rebate Terms & Conditions